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MEC- 4 and Rail Response Trailer
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MEC-4 Features

  • Accommodates up to 4 personnel with low-back padded seats equipped with seatbelts
  • Splits down the middle (primary and secondary side) for fast and easy deployment on the rail
  • Utilizes primary and secondary control panels, allowing the MEC-4 to be driven from either end and in either direction (10 mph hour forward and 5 mph in reverse)
  • Equipped with tow balls at both ends to allow for pushing or pulling multiple Rail Response Trailer (RRT) units
  • Employs three different braking systems (parking, emergency, and magnetic) and all braking systems are interlocked with RRT unit(s) for increased safety
  • Equipped with 2 emergency stop mushroom buttons (one on the primary unit and one on the secondary unit)
  • Equipped with 4 work lights and 1 floodlight
  • Equipped with front and rear red/white LED direction and marker lighting that is incorporated into the MEC-4 frame and RRT units with directional changeover feature
  • Tows up to 4400 lbs
  • Operates by rechargeable batteries offering up to 8 hours of operation
  • Travels effectively on grade to a 8% gradient
    • * Symmetrical Vehicle Split
    • * Lockable Tool Box
    • * Drive From Either End
    • * Tow Multiple Trailers
    • * 2.24 Ton Towing Capacity
    • * 1-4 Person Capacity
    • * Battery Powered
    • * Work Lights and Floodlight
    • * 10 MPH Forward Speed
    • * Easy To Operate

    MDI’s delivery of the evacuation equipment involves a turn-key approach to manufacturing, transporting, field testing, and training your personnel on the use and maintenance of this equipment.

    Download these PDF article published in Fire and Rescue Q4 2012,
    Response On Rails
    On Track For Rail Response

    Along with our training partner START Group, MDI provides both User and Maintenance training classes for your selected personnel. In addition, we uncrate, inspect, and perform a trial run for each and every unit shipped to your location.

    For information on our Managing Transit Emergencies (Awareness and Operations Level) training programs.