About MDI

About Us

Building Quality. Creating Success

MDI provides a wide assortment of indoor and outdoor products for promotional signage and displays. In addition to a catalog of over 200 stock models, MDI
supplies custom display designs to many Fortune 500 companies, some of which work with us for complete image programs.

The MDI team is ready to assist you in the design and implementation of customized products built to your specifications. Our designers will work with you every
step of the way to transform your concepts into results-oriented merchandising and display solutions. Our services include Creative Design and Engineering,
Prototyping, Project Management, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Warehousing and Drop Shipping.

History of Innovation

MDI was incorporated in 1965 as Marketing Displays, Inc. It soon became well-established by launching significant innovations including
PosterGrip®, the first spring-loaded, continuous-hinge, front-loading frame, and WindMaster®, the first curb sign capable of withstanding 75-mph winds without
blowing over. These products, as well as many other MDI innovations, have become world standards and are being used on virtually every continent.

In 1975, MDI Traffic Control Products was launched. It has since revolutionized signage used for temporary traffic control at work zones and emergency situations.
MDI Traffic Control Products is now one of the major suppliers to the Construction, Utility, and Emergency Responder industries.

Also in 1975, MDI began international development. Today MDI has offices in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as licensees in Japan and Brazil.

Although MDI has customers in almost every marketing area, the industries which have especially benefited from MDI designs include Petroleum, Retail—general
and high fashion—and Quick Serve.

The success of the company is built on three vital ingredients: quality products, quality design and—most important—quality service to customers. Solving
customer problems and exceeding customer expectations give us our greatest satisfaction.