MDI Product -- Cap lock for sign stand - U.S. Patent No. 5,472,162
4814DLK, 4814DLK-KD, 4814DLK-SNET, 4814HDK

MDI Product -- Portable collapsible sign and stand (Compact Signs and Stand) - U.S. Patent No. 5,829,178

24-SQ Compact Signs, 30-SQ Compact Signs, 36-SQ Compact Signs, 48-SQ Compact Signs 3612DLK, 4814DLK, 4814HDK

MDI Product -- Sign stand for flexible traffic control signage - U.S. Patent No. 6,056,250

MDI Product -- 24-SQ Compact Signs -U.S. Patent No. 6,056,250

MDI Product -- 30-SQ Compact Signs - U.S. Patent No. 6,056,250
DCP-35137, DCP-35138, DCP-35202, DCW-35139

MDI Product -- 36-SQ Compact Signs - U.S. Patent No. 6,056,250
DCF-03640, DCF-03642, DCF-03644, DCF-03649, DCF-03655, DCF-03657, DCF-03765, DCF-03989, DCF-04092, DCF-04094, DCF-04096, DCF-04100, DCF-04102A, DCF-04104A, DCF-04106, DCF-04201, DCF-04203, DCF-04215, DCF-04393, DCF-04488, DCF-04682, DCF-04925, DCF-05167, DCF-05173, DCF-05186, DCF-05391, DCF-05681, DCF-07034A, DCF-07103, DCF-09482 , DCF-09699, DCF-09972, DCF-10192 , DCF-13601, DCF-16618, DCF-16622, DCF-16623, DCF-16682, DCF-16739, DCF-16740, DCF-16776-SA, DCF-16826, DCF-16843, DCF-27003, DCF-27861, DCF-28072, DCF-28360, DCF-28361, DCF-28557, DCF-28599, DCF-35124, DCF-35162, DCF-35172, DCF-35309, DCF-35383, DCF-35385, DCF-35491, DCF-35499, DCF-39589, DCF-39635, DCF-39757, DCF-39847, DCF-39853, DCF-39872, DCF-43145, DCF-43149, DCF-43157, DCF-43161, DCF-43173, DCF-43196, DCF-43198, DCF-43271, DCF-43272, DCF-43273, DCF-43274, DCF-43304, DCF-43356, DCF-43357, DCF-43371, DCF-43439, DCF-43440, DCF-43441, DCF-43442, DCF-43443, DCF-43484, DCF-43485, DCF-43515, DCF-43552, DCF-43553, DCF-43632, 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MDI Product -- 48-SQ Compact Signs - U.S. Patent No. 6,056,250
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MDI Product -- Flag holder bracket for sign stand - U.S. Patent No. 6,427,964
SA-10002, 4860KC, 4860KC-1, 4860KC-1BULK, 4860KC-2, 4860KC-2BULK, 4860KC-3, 4860KC-3BULK, 4860KCBULK, 4860NLC, 4860NLCBULK, 4812KC, 4812KC-1 4812KC-1BULK, 4812KC-2, 4812KC-2BULK, 4812KC-3, 4812KC-3BULK, 4812KCBULK, 4818AZ, 4818AZBULK, 4818KC, 4818KC-1, 4818KC-1BULK, 4818KC-2, 4818KC-2BULK, 4818KC-3, 4818KC-3BULK, 4818KCBULK, 4818NLC,SA-11421-F, 5018RU, 5018NS 5018SS, 4860KCAZ-2BULK, DL-12549-F, DLX-28440, DL-12550-F, DLX-28441,SA-10080, 4884KE-2BULK, 4884KE-3BULK, 4884KET, 4884KET-1BULK, 4884KET-2, 4884KET-2BULK, 4884KET-3, 4884KET-3BULK,SA-13338-F, 4815RBKC-60, 4815RBKC-60-1 4815RBKC-60-2, 4815RBKC-60-3, 4860KC-2BULKZ, 4812KC-2DLK, 5018KD, 5018KD-BULK, 5018KD-1, 5018KD-1BULK, 5018KD-2, 5018KD-2BULK, 5018KD-3, 5018KD-3BULK, 5018KDNS-1, 5018KDNS-2, 5018KDNS-2BULK, 5018KDNS-3, 5018KD-3KD, 5018KD-40-2BULK, 5018KDNSR-2BULK, SA-5018KDR, 5018KDR-2BULK, 4818KC-4, 4818KC-4BULK, 5018NSALJBCBULK, 5018K-JBC-BULK ,

MDI Product -- Fold-up sign panel assembly - U.S. Patent No. 6,606,809
24-SQ Compact Signs, 30-SQ Compact Signs, 36-SQ Compact Signs, 48-SQ Compact Signs

MDI Product -- Portable sign stand with leg release mechanism - U.S. Patent No. 6,755,381
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